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Welcome to the NC Elite Volleyball Club 2023 VolleyU RAVE (Raleigh Area Volleyball Events) Series!  NC Elite launched our RAVE (Raleigh Area Volleyball Events) Series in 2010, and are excited to continue to bring you our updated format developed to provide additional competition for NC Elite and other local teams.  

NC Elite will be hosting RAVEs on the following Saturdays in 2023:
January 14, 2023 (Click HERE for Standings
January 28, 2023 (Event Full
February 11, 2023 (Event Full)
February 25, 2023 (Event Full)

***Important, all VISITING TEAM (non-NC Elite) PLAYERS must have a 2022 NC Elite RAVE Series Membership.   CLICK HERE if you are a visiting PLAYER to complete your membership.***

VISITING TEAM COACHES must have a 2022 NC Elite RAVE Series Membership.   CLICK HERE if you are a visiting COACH to complete your membership.

January 28th, 2023 Competing Teams 
(Click on team name below to view detailed team information including rosters and team specific schedules and results)

Play Format 
Matches are 2 sets to 25 points. Wave 1, Match 1 begins at 8:00 (all Wave 1 teams and players should arrive by 7:30am). Wave 1, Match 2 and all subsequent Wave 1 matches begin immediately following.  Wave 2, Match 1 begins at 11:30 (all players in Wave 2 should arrive by 11:00am).  Subsequent Wave 2 matches begin immediately following the previous match.  Wave 3, Match 1 begins at 4:00 (all Wave 3players should arrive by 3:30).  Teams will be allowed 10 minutes of on court warm-up before the first match, 5 minutes thereafter.  Please arrive at the assigned arrival times.  There is limited seating in Bacon Gym.  Those arriving early may not be permitted to enter the gym until their assigned arrival time.  

Team Drop-off and Pick-up times
Please be sure players arrive at assigned arrival times and are picked up at assigned departure times in order to to help manage gym capacity.  Players should not arrive early or attend a session they are not assigned to.  

Wave 1 
Arrival - 7:30am
Pick-up - 11:00am

Fuquay Revolution 13 Blue
NC Elite 13/14U Scarlett
NC Elite 13/14U Tiffany

Wave 2 
Arrival -  11:00am
Pick-up -  3:30pm

Fuquay Revolution 12U
NC Elite 12U Cristina
NC Elite 12U Kali
NC Elite 12U Scarlett

Wave 3 
Arrival -  3:30pm
Pick-up -  7:45pm

Fuquay Revolution 14U 
Fuquay Revolution 13U Red
NC Elite 13/14U Emma
NC Elite 13/14U Kieran

Drop-off / Pick-up Procedures
1.  Parents will not enter campus for drop-off. All players should be dropped off on College Place. Drop off will occur at GATE 6 on College Place (Saint Mary’s Campus Map). Drivers should drop off passenger side on the Saint Mary’s side of College Place and proceed to Saint Mary’s Street following drop off. No players should be dropped off on the street side opposite of Saint Mary’s School and cross the street. Please remember that College Place is a public street. All driving and parking laws should be followed and traffic, driveways or access gates should not be blocked for other vehicles. 
2. Players should arrive no earlier than scheduled drop off time.  
3. Players should be picked up promptly at the scheduled departure time on College Place at Gate 6. 
4.   Players and coaches should report directly to Bacon Gym upon arrival to campus, and exit campus immediately following their session.

Spectator Policy
Spectators are permitted.  Bacon gym does have limited capacity so please use discretion in inviting guests.  Bleacher seating is available.  No outside chairs, blankets, etc. are permitted.  Spectators and players should only attend assigned sessions / waves.  ALL spectators must utilize street parking around Saint Mary's School and enter campus via pedestrian Gate 6 on College Place.  No campus parking is permitted, even if vehicle gates are open.  Please be aware that Saint Mary's School is a boarding school with year-round faculty and student residents on campus.  Spectators and players should report immediately to Bacon Gym upon arrival and exit campus following their assigned session / wave.