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Current Programming

NC Elite VolleyU is Back!

Visit the NC Elite "VolleyU" Page for additional information, CLICK HERE!

November 2021 - February 2022
Saint Mary's School, Raleigh

Ages:  10 -12U CLICK HERE to Register!
(IMPORTANT, this registration is for the 10-12U, 1:00-2:30 session only.  13-14U session is full and registration is closed.)

(Beginner - 1 or 2 years of rec or Middle School Volleyball)


Volley U™ training sessions, teams and tournaments (RAVE Tournaments) are specifically designed to develop proper fundamentals and techniques, an understanding of and experience in game scenarios and rotations. Through progressive skill building, participants will see major improvement in their performance. Coaches will work toward applying skill development to game application and court play. All players will train together in group practice sessions with an emphasis on individual skill development. Teams break out for game preparation.  

This is a registration-based program, no tryouts are required.  Players are accepted on a first come basis.  This program does fill up quickly so we suggest early registration.  

10 Training Weeks (1x/week)
4 RAVE Tournaments (local)

Visit the NC Elite "VolleyU" Page for additional information, CLICK HERE!

Spectator Policy
All activities are currently closed to spectators.

Drop-off / Pick-up Procedures
1.  Parents will not enter campus for drop-off. All players should be dropped off for training on College Place. Drop off will occur at GATE 6 on College Place (Saint Mary’s Campus Map). Drivers should drop off passenger side on the Saint Mary’s side of College Place and proceed to Saint Mary’s Street following drop off. No players should be dropped off on the street side opposite of Saint Mary’s School and cross the street. Please remember that College Place is a public street. All driving and parking laws should be followed and traffic, driveways or access gates should not be blocked for other vehicles. 
2. Players should arrive no earlier than 10 minutes prior to practice.  Players should be on time in order to access campus. 
3. Players should be picked up promptly at the end of practice on College Place at Gate 6. 
4. Players driving themselves should utilize street parking on College Place, across the street from Saint Mary’s School. 

COVID Screening and Procedures
1.  Players and coaches should wash hands before leaving home and use hand sanitizer as exiting their vehicle.  Hand sanitizer will be available on site for frequent use during the session.
2.  All players and must complete the SMS health self-assessment (SMS COVID-19 Screening Form) within 4 hours of the scheduled session. If any player/coach answers "Yes" to questions 1 through 6, the player/coach is not eligible to attend the session. If any player/coach answers "Yes" to questions 7 or 8, please text the NC Elite main line  (919) 473-6497 with name and brief explanation of the event prior to the session so participation eligibility can be considered.  
3.  All players/coaches will be asked upon arrival if they have passed the assessment and are eligible to participate.
4.  All players and coaches must wear their mask covering their mouth and nose at all times, both indoors and outdoors. 
[A suitable face-covering is comprised of two layers or more and made from a breathable and washable material. Masks not designed nor intended to prevent transmission of disease are forbidden. Furthermore, in order to maintain filtration effectiveness and avoid increased risk of contamination, masks should be cleaned and dried between each use.  Regardless of an individual’s COVID-19 vaccination status or prior infection with COVID-19, a mask is required at all times.]
5.  Every effort should be made by all participants to maintain a safe social distance (6’). This includes those individuals on the sidelines during warm-ups and competitive play.
6.  Players and coaches should avoid high fives, huddles, and any unnecessary contact with teammates or opponents.
7.   Players and coaches should report directly to Bacon Gym upon arrival to campus, and exit campus immediately following training. 
8.  Players and coaches must follow the Bacon Gym ingress and egress signs posted throughout the facility.   
9.  Due to COVID-19 restrictions, parents and other spectators are not permitted.

POST-EVENT CONTRACT TRACING - If a participant, coach or staff member tests positive or develops symptoms which later are found to be associated with COVID-19 infection within 72 hours of the conclusion of the event, NC Elite will initiate appropriate contact tracing. Within 72 hours of the conclusion of the event, should you either test positive or develop symptoms which are later found to be associated with COVID-19 infection please notify us at