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NC Elite Mission, Vision and Values

Our VISION is to develop youth in our community to achieve their highest potential, in sport and in life.

Our MISSION is to support, develop and provide opportunity for youth athletes through training, competition, the development of leadership and life skills, and service to the community.  We foster a sense of accomplishment, pride and confidence in sport and in life, and help our athletes reach their highest potential.



Confidence – in yourself and others

  Competition – to push you to achieve your best

  Compassion – to yourself and others

  Perseverance – through successes and failures

  Mindfulness – of your thoughts, words and behaviors

  Leadership & Teamwork – to enable your team to achieve its best

  Respect & Integrity – to all, at all times

  Sportsmanship – in all that we do

  Health, Wellness & Safety – in sport and in life

  Service to Others – in our community and the world