Jan 12, 2020 NC Elite RAVE Series 12s/13s


Important Notice!  All players must have a current (2019-2020) USAV Registration (https://www.carolinaregionvb.org/registration/) in order to participate in the RAVE.  You must have proof of registration on-site.  All NC Elite players must have completed their full program registration in Sports Engine and provided their USAV Registration Number to be eligible to participate.  If you have questions about your Sports Engine registration, please contact Joe McClean, Head of Informatics (Joe@ncelitevb.org).

General Reminders:

  • Facility opens to players and spectators at 1:30. 
  • Courts available for warm-ups at 1:45.
  • Coaches meeting begins at 1:30
  • NO tents in the parking lot allowed - soft tailgating is permissible out of the back of you vehicle.  Pease clean up behind yourself and remind teammates, players and parents of the same.
  • Seating is limited, so please bring your own chairs.  All chairs must be set up in the concrete areas.  NO CHAIRS ARE PERMITTED ON THE COURT SURFACE / TERAFLEX FLOORING.
  • No food permitted on the courts / teraflex playing surface.  Only water is permitted on the playing surface.  
  • Outside food and drinks are allowed in designated / concrete areas only

Playing Format - 12U / 13U

  1. Warmups for the team's first match of the day only will be 5 minutes of shared court time.  Opposing coaches should align on net activities prior to warm-ups.   
  2. Match format:  2 sets to 25 points, must win by 2, cap at 27 points.  3rd set (if required) to 15 points, switch sides at 8, capped at 17. 
  3. Pool play determines seeding for seeding play.   
  4. Tie-breaking procedure:
  • If 2 teams are tied, head to head results will decide the higher placing teams.
  • If 3 (or more) teams are tied (in order)
    • (+) set percentage in the entire pool
    • (+) point won/loss percentage (won/[won+lost]) in the entire pool
    • (+) original seed in the pool

13U Division

Congratulations KAT 13 White - RAVE 13U Champions!

Congratulations NC Elite VolleyU Carla - RAVE 13U Runners-up!

13U Teams Record 13U Teams (Court 5) Record
NC Elite VolleyU - Carla 2-1 NC Elite VolleyU - Emily 2-1
NC Elite VolleyU - Daina 1-2 KAT 12 Red 1-2
NC Elite VolleyU -  Virginia 1-2 KAT 13 White 3-0
ACS 13 White 1-2    



12U Division - Group A

Congratulations PVBC 12 Navy - RAVE 12U Group A Champions!

Congratulations KAT 11 Red - RAVE 12U Group A Runners-up!


Group A-1 Teams (Court 2) Record M  Group A-2 Teams (Court 3) Record M 
NC Elite VolleyU - Kali 1-2  NC Elite VolleyU - Scarlett 1-2 
ACS 12 Black 1-2  PVBC 12 Navy 3-0 
KAT 11 Red 1-2 ACS 12 White 2-1


12U Division - Group B

Congratulations NC Elite VolleyU Emma - RAVE 12U Group B Champions!

Congratulations NC Elite VolleyU Molly - RAVE 12U Group B Runners-up!


Group B-1 Teams (Court 4) Record M  Group B-2 Teams (Court 5) Record M 
NC Elite VolleyU - Molly 2-1  NC Elite VolleyU - Emma 3-0 
ACS Orange 0-3  Fuquay Revolution - Marcy 2-1 
 NC Elite NextGen 1-2  Jammers 12 Red 1-2