H.I.T. Program

About NC Elite's HIT Program:

  • Led by NC Elite Master Coaches, the H.I.T. program incorporates multi-skill, high touch, high intensity training to advance skill development while incorporating sport-specific fitness. 
  • Designed to build base conditioning necessary to progress to sport-specific training and conditioning and ultimately speed / agility / jump training and optimization as the season progresses.
  • Intended to develop the ability to practice executing skills in fatigue situations (long rally's, end of tournament play, mid-late season play).
  • Provides advantage of training in all core areas of fitness to aid in injury prevention.
  • Developed by certified fitness professionals and trained sport-specific coaches.
  • Tailored in real-time to the needs of participants level of fitness and skill.  
  • Standard sessions:    1 hour to 1.5 hour sessions during the club season. 
  • NC Elite coaches will be trained to incorporate HIT training into each practice session to drive continual fitness progression.  

NC Elite fitness training focus will cycle through 6-8 week programming, alternating with sport specific fitness training (H.I.T. and Speed! Agility! Jump!) that will leverage the core skills developed in primary skills training.  Training sessions times may be added as we see a need to expand capacity to meet demand.  Future training cycles will be released regularly, with associated training dates and times.  

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