H.I.T. Program


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About NC Elite's HIT Program:

  • Led by NC Elite Master Coaches, the H.I.T. program incorporates multi-skill, high touch, high intensity training to advance skill development while incorporating sport-specific fitness. 
  • Designed to build base conditioning necessary to progress to sport-specific training and conditioning and ultimately speed / agility / jump training and optimization as the season progresses.
  • Intended to develop the ability to practice executing skills in fatigue situations (long rally's, end of tournament play, mid-late season play).
  • Provides advantage of training in all core areas of fitness to aid in injury prevention.
  • Developed by certified fitness professionals and trained sport-specific coaches.
  • Tailored in real-time to the needs of participants level of fitness and skill.  
  • Standard sessions:    1 hour to 1.5 hour sessions during the club season. 
  • NC Elite coaches will be trained to incorporate HIT training into each practice session to drive continual fitness progression.