ELITE Skills Training Series

The NC Elite Skills Training Series is designed to develop the fundamental skills necessary for player and team development.  This training series is developed and led by NC Elite Master Coaches, who have over 20 years of experience in skills training and development.  Skills training will focus on defense and ball control (Elite Defenders), hitting (Elite Attackers), setting (Elite Setters) and serving (Elite Servers).  Skills training focus will cycle through 4-6 week programming, alternating with sport specific fitness training (H.I.T. and Speed! Agility! Jump!) that will leverage the core skills developed in primary skills training.  NC Elite National and Regional+/Regional travel team training schedules will be incorporated into team schedules.  Registration links have been sent to players and parents.  Registration is required for ALL sessions.  Space is limited; first come, first served basis. 


Supplemental training is open and available to athletes wishing to build their skills and fitness on the following days / times (Registration is open to athletes 10 years and older (including all travel team and program participants), intermediate to advanced skill level.  This training is not recommended for beginners.  NextGen Program sessions are recommended for beginners.)


(Please Note:  All NC Elite registrations have moved to SportsEngine and can only be accessed via the register buttons associated with each clinic.  If you do not already have a SportsEngine account, you will be asked to set up an account.  If  you do not choose the ‘Sign in with Google’ or ‘Sign in with Facebook’ option when setting up your account, you will first have to verify your email address.  Once verified, you will need to re-click the link above to complete the registration.  If you encounter difficulty, please contact Joe McClean, NC Elite Head of Informatics at joe@ncelitevb.org.)


Elite Setters:  These sessions are designed to teach and enhance settine technique through a variety of setting drills focusing on the technical aspects of setting. Players will receive specific instruction on setting technique, hand positioning, and footwork patterns. Players will also receive training in advanced setting such as running offenses, decision-making, and the role of a setter inside a team system. In addition, positional hitters will be brought in to work with the setters to provide an opportunity to demonstrate the technique learned as well as learning to set in transition situations. 

Elite Attackers:  Players electing to attend these sessions will learn the fundamental techniques of hitting. Approach footwork, arm swing mechanics, reading blockers, and reading a set will all be taught and reviewed through many repetitions during the session. Additionally, instruction will be provided for specific hitters such as middle blockers, outside hitters, and right side hitters. Blocking will also be covered through proper footwork, body position and technique above the net to help athletes develop their blocking skills.

Elite Defenders / Ball Control:  During these sessions, players will learn the fundamentals of passing and defense. The passing portion will focus on all aspects of receiving serve, including platform control, reading the server, correct footwork/movement, and quality repetitions. On the defensive side, players will have the opportunity to learn the technical aspects of being a defender, digging a variety of attacks, reading hitters and defensive situations.

Elite Servers:  There is only one isolated skill in volleyball that you are completely in control of: serving!  Our one-hour serving clinics are designed to help any athletes of any level improve the technique and accuracy of their serving. The coaching staff will cover the technical aspects of serve mechanics, along with some tactical and decision-making processes, to develop your serving effectiveness. We will go over three main serve styles which include: standing float, jump float, as well as jump top spin.  Utilizing various types of feedback and learning cues, athletes are sure to walk away with an increased tactical and technical knowledge of the serving game!