2020 Nationals Extension Program

2020 NC Elite Nationals Extension (formerly AAU) Program

National Teams - 12U/13U, 14U, 15U, 16U
Practice Player positions are available (see information below)

USAV / AAU age eligibility requirements - 16U:  players who were born on or after September 1, 2003
USAV / AAU age eligibility requirements - 15U:  players who were born on or after September 1, 2004
USAV / AAU age eligibility requirements - 14U:  players who were born on or after September 1, 2005
USAV / AAU age eligibility requirements - 12U / 13U:  players who were born on or after September 1, 2006

NC Elite Nationals Extension Program Tryouts

Friday March 20th, 5:30 - 7:30 (all ages); $35 registration fee    

All players must have a current (2019-2020) USAV Registration (https://www.carolinaregionvb.org/registration/) in order to participate in the Nationals Extension Program Tryouts.  You must have proof of registration on-site.  All players must also have a current AAU Membership Number to register for Tryouts.  

The NC Elite Nationals Extension Program  The Nationals Extension Program is designed for the athlete pursuing high level competition and wanting to extend training and competition following a winter season or join a competitive team following other winter athletic or other activities that may have prevented them from participating during the winter club season.  These teams will face the highest level of competition in the country. requiring a significant time and personal commitment to training. Teams will participate in one team training session and one national team skills training session per week.  These teams will be trained via a team coaching model, with a head competition coach leading the team, and Master Coaches and specialized training coaches supporting.   

NC Elite Comprehensive Training Program
NC Elite offers one of the most balanced and successful coaching staffs in the region.  Our newly developed Master Coaches Roster forms the backbone of our coach and player training and development.  Coupled with the NC Elite alumnae who have returned to the program to launch their coaching careers, we provide experience, knowledge and insight along with the ability to connect and communicate with individual athletes.  Certified and experienced fitness, health and wellness trainers have collaborated to develop a series of programs to enhance fitness, health and wellness in our athletes, and is adaptable across ages, levels and capabilities.  And, our multi-path programming provides flexible opportunities for players to compete in the sport of volleyball from beginner to advanced in a way that fits their life, priorities, family and goals.   Our comprehensive training program includes team practices, competition training, supplemental position training, fitness training and speed/agility/jump training. 

Nationals Program Training Coaches: 
Gary DeJames, Sandy Merkel DeJames, Kevin Campbell, Romel Lightbourn, John Dillinger, Alisha Peters, Homer Isaacs, Sarah Frey, Kassie Kasper, Joe McClean, Virginia Fitch, Rob Kent, Tiffany Brooks, Andrea Murrell, Sarah Stone, Brendan Smith, Ciara Devlin

NC Elite National - 12U / 13U Head Coach:  Alisha Peters
NC Elite National(2) 12U / 13U Head Coach:  Tiffany Brooks
NC Elite National - 14U Head Coach:  Brendan Smith
NC Elite National - 15U Head Coach:  Romel Lightbourn
NC Elite National - 16U Head Coach:  Joe McClean
(Coach assignments subject to change; additional teams may be formed, based on demand.)

Training Schedule
Team Training  - 12U/13U & 14U Mondays 6:00-8:00; 15U & 16U Tuesdays 6:00-8:00 
National Team Skills Training Session -  Wednesdays 6:00-8:00 

Optional Supplemental Training Programs / Sessions (Supplemental Elite Skills Training Series and Supplemental Team HIT)  also available - see program pages for schedules and cost

2020 Nationals Extension Program Event Schedule



May TBD, 2020 Best of the Best NC Elite Pre-Nationals Morrisville, NC
June 7, 2020 PVC Pre-Nationals Greensboro, NC
June 21-24, 2020 (13U, 14U)
June 25-28, 2020 (15U, 16U)
AAU Nationals Orlando, FL

All tournaments and dates subject to change depending on availability, tournament acceptance and 3rd party tournament administration.  Tournaments not available will be replaced with comparable tournament(s), as available.  NC Elite Coaches and Club Administration reserve the right to make exceptions to training schedule based on assessment of athlete and team needs to optimize athlete performance, training, health, wellness and safety.  


  • 2020 NC ELITE Nationals Extension Program Participant Fees:  $1200 (includes training, court and coach fees, tournament entrance fees, operating expenses)  
  • 2020 NC ELITE Nationals Extension Program Uniform Fees:       $125 (estimated; current travel team uniforms will be used and requirement to purchase is dependent on travel team #s and jersey availability)

Travel and hotel accommodation are not covered by NC Elite.

  • Players will travel with their families (hotel and transport) for all tournaments.  
  • No travel costs are included in fees.  

Practice Player Positions Available (2-3 positions / team)
Practice players are players who participate in team practices and enjoy the benefits of other programming offered in the organization, without the commitment to travel.  These positions also offer the ability for teams to work on game-scenarios and line-ups by filling the roster and competing in scrimmages during team practices.  Practice players do not compete in tournaments, but may participate in NC Elite scrimmages and may serve as back-up players in case of illness or injury to a team member, and at the discretion of the NC Elite coaches and administrators.  

  • Practice players cost:  $400; uniforms are not required.
  • Practice player positions are offered/accepted based on their skills and availability and can join at any time during the club season.
  • Practice players are required to attend tryout sessions (or individual practice session to confirm skill level match) and be USAV and AAU registered.  Please let the NC Elite staff know if you are only trying out for a practice player position during on-site check-in at tryouts.