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Purple Card Sanction Policy - Visit the Carolina Region website to learn more about the Purple Card Sanction Policy for Spectators

Art of Coaching Parent Online Course - Parent Certification Course Only $5.  The number one reason that kids play sports is to have fun. The Sports Parent Certification provides team parents with important information about the standard of communication and behaviors expected of them throughout the season. The goal of this course is to efficiently and effectively educate your parents about these topics to ensure their athletes have a safe, enjoyable, and rewarding season.

10 Tips for Sports Parents - Positive Coaching Alliance - Better Athletes Better People By:  Dr. Carol Dweck

Seven Keys toCoaching Today's Millennial Generation Athlete - Jeff Janssen, Janssen Sports Leadership Center

5 Nutrition Tips for Athletes - Peter Jaret 

Goal Setting with Your Young Athlete - USA Volleyball by Coach John Dessel

The Rule of One. How One Person, One Comment, One Time Can Change a Life Forever.- Changing the Game Project

IT'S ABOUT MORE THAN PLAYING TIME - A great read from Legendary Coach John Kessel

What should you say to your child from the sidelines during the game? - Janis B. Meredith, sports mom and coach’s wife, writes a sports parenting blog called JBM Thinks.

Positive Coaching Alliance 

Proactive Coaching - like this page on Facebook.  Great for Coaches, Student Athletes and Parents

Vaping - There has been an 888% rise in the use of e-cigs and vape products.  7 Tips for Parents to Help Curb Their Use.  Student Athletes vaping or smoking when at an NC Elite event is grounds for dismissal from the club.

Parent Advice from Karch Kiraly

Greg Dea: Bulletproofing the Volleyball Shoulder

USAV Parents Resource Center


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