Why Play?

Club Volleyball Programs Have Exploded Across The Country
Only 25 years ago, the first National tournament was held, and only 20 teams made the trip. Today, in contrast, the AAU National Tournament held in 2013 hosted 1700 teams and 22,000 student athletes over the course of 10 days. Over 400 College coaches participated in recruiting at AAU Nationals. The fact is that if you plan to play in college, club volleyball is a must! 
We Find That Most Girls Have Several Goals
Some players want to learn more about the sport, improve their skill level, and get playing time in tournaments. For others, it’s simply to extend their high school season by six months. For others, it may be to challenge starters on their school team for playing time next season. For a few, it will be the exposure needed to compete for future college scholarship opportunities. Today you will find that literally all athletes who play in college participated in club volleyball during high school. 
All Club Participants Enjoy Competitive Tournament Play
Many successful high school coaches encourage their athletes to play club volleyball for the experience, instruction, and additional training time.  Where you find successful high school programs, you will find players who participate in club volleyball. That is a fact! 
Club Volleyball Is Not Only For The College-Bound Athlete
We are interested in building teams with players as young as 12-and-under (ages 10 and 11 and younger are encouraged) and athletes who are just beginning their volleyball experience. For most players, Club volleyball is another challenging experience that should lead to more fun on the court as playing skills improve. Many girls find that club ball is “their volleyball season” due to the fact that they experience little playing time during their high school season and find that tournament play is very rewarding.
The Edge to Succeed
Enrolling your daughter in club volleyball can give her the edge she needs to succeed. The sport of volleyball is growing in popularity and expanding in its number of players each year. If your daughter hopes or plans to play volleyball in college, then it is imperative that she plays club. One season alone will improve her game tremendously. Your daughter might be the best player at her school. Unfortunately, this means she always plays with and against people that are not as skilled as her. She may never be challenged or, worse, play at a level below her potential. By playing club, she will play with and against girls that are equal to or better than her. This will push her to make her the best player she can be.