NC Elite welcomes and appreciates feedback.  It is important for families who are considering joining NC Elite to get to know how people feel about their experience at NC Elite. Feel free to submit your testimonial to micholene@ncelitevb.org.


"I cannot speak enthusiastically enough about my daughter’s experience at NC Elite Volleyball Club. I am completely confident that the training she is receiving from this club will prepare her to walk into Division I volleyball next year as a collegiate scholar athlete. The positive competitive atmosphere of team practices along with the more specific drills of PST and the Athletic Lab portion of their training provide a package that give the athletes complete and thorough volleyball instruction. After beginning her volleyball career playing for 3 years in Southern California at one of the top clubs in the country, my daughter is both thrilled and relieved to have found such a wonderful opportunity to thrive during her 18’s year.

NC Elite could not have chosen a better or more knowledgeable coach than Coach Romel. He is not only passionate about the sport, but genuinely cares about helping the girls in all aspects of the game, both individually and as a team. Being accomplished both professionally and internationally in the sport of volleyball, he gives the girls amazing insight into court awareness, proper technique and even emphasizes the mental aspect of the game. My daughter has learned so much from Coach Romel already, even though we are only 2 months into the season. She is excited to go to each and every practice and can’t wait to perform with her team at each tournament. Coach Romel is the perfect combination of positive, demanding and competitive. His belief in the girls should instill confidence in them that they can carry onto the court to perform to the best of their ability at all times.

I really want to thank NC Elite for providing a great experience for my daughter’s last year of club volleyball as she heads on to the next level. The club staff are helpful and approachable while providing the competitive level of volleyball that prepare club athletes for collegiate competition. I highly recommend that anyone who has not experienced NC Elite Volleyball Club firsthand to do so – it is a refreshing and complete volleyball experience!!!

~ Rani Kazaroff, Parent

My daughter completed a summer session at NC Elite (the middle school one to help get kids ready for try-outs) and she really enjoyed it. She has played at another club until this point, but she loved the experience she had with NC Elite. Thank you so much - she loved the level of training, drills, and hands-on instruction:)

~ Camper Parent

I'm extremely grateful for the incredible patience and support you and the club have demonstrated/provided my family throughout. I couldn't be happier with the experience our daughter enjoyed at NC Elite -- she has such great friends for life from the club.

~ 18 Black Parent

Our girls had such a great time at your event - we thoroughly enjoyed it and hope to participate next year too! You do such a fabulous job organizing and you are so helpful.  We also are truly grateful that you always emphasize good sportsmanship- it totally supports what our team is all about. And thanks to our official on Court 3 who had to educate us coaches on line-up sheets, etc.

~ Coaching Staff Kouklas from Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church in Raleigh

Thank you for all your hard work and for putting toether the RAVE. The teams had a fun time, the people were all nice [parents, kids, coaches]. Your student-athlete refs were so wonderful and patient with the young kids. You are doing something very special for the kids in our area.

~ RAVE Participanting Club

My daughter had a great time. She loved every minute of it, and she came out of the season a much, much improved player than when she started. We are very grateful to her Coach and NC Elite for that!  The club had great communication and I never felt out of touch about where to be, what time to be there or anything else. The big trips were well organized and coordinated.  Cheers from a happy parent with no regrets who will not hesitate to recommend NC Elite to any future player or parent.


- Beth Granai, Parent

Thank you for all you and the organization did for our family. It was a truly great experience and we believe without the help for my daughter would not be playing at the college of her choice.

Thanks  again,

- Barb Ivey, Parent

Sarah grew so much as a player and as a young lady.  NC Elite is a great example of what youth sports and club volleyball should be. Thanks for everything and we are looking forward to next season.

- Sean Boone, Parent

Our AAU experience was top notch! The coaching staff not only taught great techniques but also made learning fun! The family enjoyed traveling and watching each player grow as a individual and a team! We can't wait to have the opportunity to do it again!

Summer Hamrick -  13 Keegan

I am so proud of 14 Black (2016-17)!  The coaching staff has done an amazing job with these young athletes.  To see where they started and how far they have come is simply awesome.  Proud Momma!

Carrie Hawkins - 14 Black Parent

My daughter came to NC Elite after going through a very stressful experience at another club in the area. She was downtrodden and ready to leave the sport of volleyball entirely. NC Elite welcomed her lovingly. The coaches and administration boosted her confidence and strengthened her heart, mind and body. They recognized her diverse strengths and, instead of sticking her in one position based on her height, saw her potential in multiple areas. They encouraged her to reach higher and work harder in a no-pressure environment. They showed her that club volleyball could be fun. We have never seen so much improvement in our daughter's mental and physical game in four previous years of club volleyball as we did in one year at N.C. Elite. This club recognizes that there is life beyond volleyball and truly walks the talk.  

Beth Shugg - 16 Black Parent

We have felt at home at NC Elite from the first time our daughter walked on your floor for a spring season event a while ago.  We are all about commitment and working hard for what we want but we also want Amelia to function as a "whole player" in volleyball. Her attitude, leadership, understanding of team, and general character as a player are important to us as much as her skill improvement. We believe she gets exactly those areas of focus with NC Elite.  She visited anohter club this summer and was completely miserable at the clinic.  Worked hard - but it was just that - work.  When she returned home to Elite, she played hard, smiled, laughed, competed with and against her teammates and is the most refreshed and confident mentally than she has been all summer.  She was soaked to the bone in sweat - she worked but she worked with absolute joy.

Angela Gardner - 14s Parent