Program Frequently Asked Questions?

Q: When, where, and how often are practices?
A: National teams practice three times a week. A typical practice is two hours long and is usually held during the week between 5:30pm-9:30pm. One session each week, is the national team Position/Skill Specific Training (PST) which occur on Sundays through February, and picks back up on a third weeknight in April. (13 Black PST training ends in late February.) Regional Plus teams practice twice per week and have the choice to participate in Position/Skill specific (PST) clinics as an add on program option. Our primary practice location and official home facility is in Net Sports located at 3717 Davis Drive in Morrisville, NC.
Q: What is the time Commitment?
A: Players are expected to attend all practices and tournaments. Homework, studying for tests and finals, completing school projects, and attending other school events should not be excuses for missing practices or tournaments. Practice and tournament schedules are made well in advance. Each player is expected to manage time wisely and work to uphold the commitment made to her team and to the club.In the event that a player must miss a practice or tournament, the coach must be notified IN ADVANCE by both e-mail and by phone. 24 hous advance notice is expected for missing a practice and one month advance notice for a tournament.
Q: Will I play the same position that I play in school?
A: We may move and train a player to play a different position than they played in school based on the needs of the team. On our top teams, you must be willing to play any position.

Q: What is the coaching philosophy of NC Elite Volleyball Club?
A: NC Elite coaches and administrators are committed to the process of preparing our student-athletes for a collegiate career (Club and/or Varsity level). We strive for excellence through fundamental and advanced level training. Our hope is that athletes who participate in the NC Elite Volleyball program will leave with a sense of accomplishment, pride, and confidence to pursue their own volleyball aspirations.

NC Elite’s approach to coaching is primarily focused on individual skill development, as this will ultimately translate into a stronger self-image in each player and success for the team. We strongly believe in the potential of each player, and it is the goal of the NC Elite coaches and administration to help realize that potential.

NC Elite’s focus on individual development is part of a larger goal - which is success as a team and club. Parents want their daughter to improve her skills. Additionally, every parent has certain performance standards for the team, and would like to see the team win games. With both of these in mind, NC Elite believes that it is the responsibility of the coaches, the parents, and the players to make a concerted effort towards that goal.

Q: How is tournament play time handled?
A: Most parents want or expect their child to play all the time during tournament play. This is the number one challenge of clubs throughout the United States. We hope the following will help clarify how NC Elite handles playing time situations.

Overall, NC Elite teams will play to win! The NC Elite coaching staff will direct their teams accordingly, and parents need to realize that their daughter may not necessarily play in every match.  Players are not guaranteed of any amount of playing time at any competition. However, NC Elite coaches will work to find opportunities for players at most events while taking into consideration skill level, competition, position, and attitude and game situations.

It is NC Elite’s expectation that the player, and only the player, discuss concerns about playing time with her team coach. NC Elite coaches are approachable and willing to listen to a player’s concern, and work to arrive at a mutually agreed-upon solution. Players and parents are asked to not discuss playing time concerns during a tournament or practice. Players are encouraged to make an appointment to speak with the coach about any concerns.