Premier National Team



The Premier National Program is designed for the athlete pursuing collegiate-level volleyball and who is willing to make sacrifices for her progress, team, and club.  Premier National Program athletes see the highest level of competition in the state and take on some of the best competition across the country. Premier National Program team players have athleticism and skill to match up against the best competition. NC Elite administrators and coaches are committed to helping players and parents successfully navigate the college recruiting process. In its five year history, NC Elite has gone from one recruit in the 2008 recruiting year to a total of 57 recruits over the following five years.
Dues for a player on a Premier National Team range from $4,000 – $6,900** per player, which covers club fees; uniforms; hotel stays at Monument City Classic, Presidents Day Classic in Chicago, Capitol Hill Classic, National Qualifiers, and AAU Nationals; and airfare to Northeast Qualifier–Philadelphia location, President’s Day Classic in Chicago, and the AAU National Championships. Food for events requiring team rooms is also included.
Please note that player transportation to all events within driving distance is the responsibility of the parents in an effort to reduce over-all costs for the tournament.  These events include Atlantic Coast Power League (ACPL) matches, Northeast Qualifier–National Harbor location, Big South Qualifier, Capitol Hill Classic, and Queen City Classic. In addition, ground transportation at the AAU National Championships is the responsibility of the parents as a majority of families attend this final tournament of the season.
**13s & 14s team travel and food is not included in dues. Players 14U and below will stay with family, and travel and food are not included in dues.