National Team



The National Schedule is designed for the athlete who wishes to experience the highest level of competition that fits her skill set and an extensive competition schedule. She must be willing to make sacrifices for her progress, team, and club to attempt to remain competitive enough for a rigorous high school experience and the possibility of a college opportunity in the future. National teams will compete against other national level teams. National team players have athleticism and skill to match up against strong competition. NC Elite administrators and coaches are committed to helping athletes on the National teams achieve their recruiting goals.
Dues for a player on a National level travel team range from $3,800 – $5,500 per player, which covers club fees, uniforms, hotel stays (if applicable) at Monument City Classic, Capitol Hill Classic, National Qualifier, Hokie Classic, and the AAU National Championships. Food for events requiring team rooms is also included.
Please note that player transportation to all events within driving distance is the responsibility of parents in an effort to reduce over-all costs for the tournament.  These events include Big South Qualifier, Capitol Hill Classic, and Queen City Classic. In addition, ground transportation at the AAU National Championships is the responsibility of the parents as a majority of families attend this final tournament of the season.